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Wajos 500 Years of Excellence

Our German Gourmet specialty foods brand WAJOS embodies the rich heritage and commitment to excellence exemplified by its parent brand, Walter J. Oster, a time-honored German winery with a history spanning centuries.


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The Best of Austria

Rinama Naturmanufaktur

At our world-class Rinama Naturmanufaktur facility we create over 200 types of tea, spices, seasoned salts, artisan peppers and so much more. Our culinary experts gather only the freshest naturally grown, noble ingredients from around the world to create our delicious, incomparable product combinations.

Customer Reviews

The Goulash Spices are just to die for. They took me back in time when my mother would make it in our little kitchen in Hamburg. I haven't had authentic tasting German Goulash in years and now I can have it anytime I want.

Marianne Bamberg

I use the seasonings for grilling set whenever I have friends over on the weekend. It makes everything taste better and is so easy to use.

Sssshhh das ist unser Geheimnis!

Bernedette Meueller

I made home made paninis for the first time and used the seasoned herb pesto mix as a spread. I just used a little bit but the flavor was amazing. I felt like I was back on vacation in Europe... Can't wait to try it on Pasta!

Alli Johnson