How it All Started.

Being first generation American born to German parents I have always felt that a passion for both Germany and the USA. A dual citizen and frequent world traveler I have had both the honor and pleasure of experiencing German and European culinary delights that are not easily or at all available in the USA. It is my passion for my heritage and love of traditional German values and products that gave life to Global Gourmet Goods.

As a child, I grew up experiencing German and European products that were not available at that time in the USA. I had Gummy Bears and Nutella well before many people knew what they were and don't get me started on German liverwurst. It is this passion and duality that gives me the insight and the opportunity to bring wonderful gourmet delights from Germany and Europe back to American markets. It is with pride that we introduce only the most delicious products from the best companies uncovered on our travels back home to the American people. That is the Global Gourmet Goods promise! 

If you have a great product and want to become part of the Global Gourmet Goods family please contact us.