Rinama Naturmanufaktur


All Natural Products Born From Centuries Old Traditions...

Nestled deep in upper Austria below the sprawling Austrian Bavarian Alps lies Obernberg am Inn, an area long known for it's natural beauty, lush meadows and rich vegetation. It here that Rinama Naturmanufaktur was born. The Austrian people have farmed these abundant meadows for their plentiful plants and herbs for hundreds of years. At Rinama we embrace these ancient traditions as we have an unwavering love for the land and all things natural. It is this commitment to all people and nature that drives us to search out only use the highest quality, all natural plants and ingredients from around the world to use in our products. This unwavering dedication to quality and freshness combined with a unique talent for both well known and unusual blends have made Rinama's Spices, Seasonings, Seasoned Salts and Natural Teas cherished throughout Austria, Germany and all of greater Europe. Now Global Gourmet Goods is Proud to bring them to you.... From Austria with LOVE!!

GGG is the exclusive importer for Rinama GMBH in North American